Make my wish come true please

18 Nov Make my wish come true please

First, I want to say thank you .

But here’s the thing:

I’m trying to conceive another baby. What you don’t know is just how much it hurts. The absence. The emptiness. The lack. How could you know? How could you know everything I haven’t told you? (And there’s a lot I haven’t told you.)

I haven’t told you how each and every month that deep down how I grieve for another child. How part of me is terrified that it’ll never happen again.

I haven’t told you how annoying it is to endure each and every month inconveniences special diet, medication, herbal tea and supplement, interpret every twinge as a possibility, waiting with breathless anticipating just in case it could possibly, the chance an egg implant and thrive.

I haven’t told you every month how my hope are dash–only to have found a red spot on my underwear dash those dreams to bitter pieces.

I haven’t shared about how that I’ve been trying for over 8 years, that I’ve spent filling out forms, going to doctors, waiting on fertility list for an appointment and re-waiting, only to been told how exponentially high cost of fertility treatments are, there’s still no end in sight.

I haven’t told you how emotionally draining and physically exhausting it is trying for a baby.

I haven’t told you how my partner couldn’t take it anymore and left and I haven’t seen or heard from him since. That now it’s even harder then before.

You now know after reading my story that I’ve been trying for a very long time. And you now know that it hasn’t happened—that it might not ever happen.

But hopefully, one day with your help, you’ll be able to help my dream come true. One day I will be holding my very own baby in my arms.

Until then, thank you for Reading my story .

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