Love Thyself

15 Feb Love Thyself

Happy Valentine’s Day all! Hope everyone’s day was filled with joy and love. While most of us get to love who we want there are still hundreds of thousands of people who don’t.


My wish for this week is to embrace someone we wouldn’t normally embrace. We have so much love to give and it’s precious, but some people are not getting any love for being themselves. Romeo and Juliet is a classic love story of two lovers who can’t be in love because of their families. We’ve heard classic love stories like that whether it’s of interracial couples and more recently stories about the lqbtq community. These kids just want to love who they want to love. Who are we to say that someone shouldn’t love who they want.


I know we have enough going on in our own love life to be worrying about others, but all the more reason to allow others to love who they want. With our own love life in mind, I have a second wish where people stop making a list of what they want in a relationship.


Instead make a list of things you love and love about yourself then find a person who loves all those things about you and more! Alright everyone, those are my thoughts for this week.


Peace and Love,
Andrew – We Take Note for THe Wishwall

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