Love in Waves

12 Feb Love in Waves

Good morning Wishwall family. It’s the week of Valentine’s and the month of love. I am sending you love from here in Dallas. Love, so much love. I know all too well that love comes in many forms, as do emotions.


Emotions come in waves. You are standing at the shore and boom. They hit you in the face, maybe knock you over or make your balance a little wobbly. But just as they come in and compromise your foundation temporarily, they flow back out. The waves go back out to sea. They do not stay on top of you, smothering you forever. You are not drowning, you are just in the waves. Please embrace this visualization. The waves are actually beautiful, because they flow back out to the vast sea. And the sound of waves is so soothing too, if you allow it to be.


Waves. Waves that come and go. My waves are off shore and they are beautiful. But maybe you are still standing in the water, and it’s choppy? That’s ok. You are loved. You are important. You will get through whatever you are going through today. The waves are never permanent. Read that again. If you are struggling, it’s ok. Just keep going.


Focus on love. Share love with friends, family, or your dog this week. My dog, Riley, is my Valentine, and there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, this is the week of Valentine’s and the month of love. And you are so loved, more than you will ever know. Make it a beautiful week, and we will talk more next Tuesday.





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