Let’s Share Natural Beauty

13 Jun Let’s Share Natural Beauty

“Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners. ” ~William Shakespeare


I recently spoke with Shubhangini, CEO & Founder of Feather & Bone [https://www.featherandboneco.com], a small beauty company sharing her brand’s inspiration.


Shubhangini: Currently, we are the only company selling a completely natural waterless face wash tablet. Why does no water matter?
Because No Water = No travel issues = Makes it easy to keep your skin care routine.
I personally developed the product after having a poor reaction to a face wash product.
When I was 12, I had a bad reaction to a store-bought face wash. It was awful, because I tried everything. I even went to the doctor, but nothing worked. That was a product I had been using for some time so I couldn’t understand why I was reacting to it. This made me scared to try anything. My mum finally recommended sandalwood – and it worked. This was my intro to understanding what it means to use pure natural ingredients. I started to looking into caring for your skin – what it means and how it fit into my life. I felt the information was limited – most of it was focused around vanity, which I found unhelpful. So I developed my own face wash (which I launched years later) and also understood that the skin is an organ – it’s not there just to be pretty. which meant I had to be mindful of my lifestyle choices from food to fitness to stress. And it wasn’t a routine that I could do just one day and then stop – it was about consistency. years later at business school I found companies were still focusing on the vanity element, that you needed a product to have the confidence and completely avoided the topic around consistency and good ingredients for a skin care routine.
Then I launched Feather & Bone. I wanted people to have good quality products, a consistent routine and most importantly empower women to be confident in their own skin.


What kind of personality does your brand have?


Fun, honest and personable!! When I had my reaction, I felt couldn’t trust anyone, I didn’t know who the company really was outside of the celebrity promoting it. This is why I wanted Feather & Bone to be 100% transparent in our ingredients and process. I am also very present in the brand – so people see there is someone behind it. If people have questions, they can reach out to me…you aren’t just talking to a bottle if something goes wrong! Lastly, because many people can think routines are boring – we believe in having fun, just because you have to do something every day doesn’t mean it has to be boring!


How does Feather & Bone show their attitude of gratitude and/or call out to fans?


I reach out to customers directly and ask them for feedback – we also recently launched customer of the month – where we go live with our biggest supporters and hear their stories. We’re grateful for our customers and the stories they share.


Akasha: I have tried and enjoyed the Jet Setter travel wash pack when traveling and sailing! It’s the right mix of clean and moisture for me. Thanks, Shubhangini!


My wish is for people to have good quality skin care products, a consistent routine and…most importantly I wish to empower women to be confident in their own skin. Our team genuinely wishes to make the world a better place one Face Gem at a time!


Follow FNB on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/feather.bone


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