Let’s Live Our Lives With Love & Gratitude

07 Aug Let’s Live Our Lives With Love & Gratitude

Imagine if everyone in the world thought, spoke and acted towards themselves and others from a place of love & gratitude. I think it would be pretty amazing and if that’s what we want, we have to start with ourselves.
Maybe it is post pregnancy stuff, being insidetoo much, tiredness, being at the beck and call of baby Charlie 24/7, the stress of moving house…I don’t actually care what the cause is but lately my anxiety had been growing & my confidence & gratitude diminishing.


Waking up stressed out and seeing flaws in myself all day.
And on the occasions that I did leave the house not wanting to be seen. Feeling awkward and anxious at the thoughts of seeing anyone.
Well last week I decided ENOUGH is ENOUGH. I cannot be that person, I refuse to be. She is not good for me to be around never mind my kids. I cannot waste my life that way. Negativity seeps into everything it comes in contact with but so does JOY.
When we act with love and gratitude the ripple spreads and spreads. Look at the Wishwall such a perfect example of good creating more good.


So I’m throwing myself back into practicing what I preach and instantly felt more relaxed and uplifted. My gratitude list has started back up on a piece of paper beside my bed (helps to see it on the days I’m feeling ungrateful),to have more fun, trying to smile at my reflection a bit more and have taken the time to do 20 minute daily meditations- thank you Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey- the latest was about setting your intention for life, for the day, for this very moment and mine is to act with a grateful heart and a loving soul. Which means looking for the good, being kind, being thankful even when at times it would be easy to rant, blame and complain about stuff to instead wish that everything always works out the very best it can for everyone involved.


The Joy Project’s goal and my wish is to simply fill up our lives with more of all that is good and spread it around the world you can check it out at https://www.facebook.com/hannahlillyjoyproject/


Each week I post a joy project blog here at the wishwall and also my own blog at www.hannah-lilly.com

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