Let’s get comfortable being Uncomfortable

23 Mar Let’s get comfortable being Uncomfortable

This is a very heavy wish of mine and a heavy weight on my heart, human trafficking- especially of our children. As a new mother of two, waking up to this reality and learning it’s growing by the minute and it’s literally happening in our backyard, I couldn’t be quiet anymore.
I had to give a voice to the voiceless.
Many tell me this isn’t comfortable to talk about, well my response is let’s get comfortable being uncomfortable for the children who need us. The US has become the #1 consumer of this horrible crime. It’s a BUSINESS to sell our children.
It’s passed the armor crime and it’s about to pass the drug crime.
My wish is we all GET LOUD about this so that this can’t go on any longer. Educate yourself about how much these children need us.
We must break the chain and end this. This is going on all over the world and especially here, in the US!
Modern day slavery!! I am asking you to allow yourself to get uncomfortable and learn more about trafficking, and after you do tell me you could be silent knowing these children have no voice.

If you want to learn more about how to help @timballard @ourrescue share constant updates, facts, and stories to learn and share.
I’m in this to end it & break the chain.


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