Let’s Find Shana A Kidney Donor

20 Nov Let’s Find Shana A Kidney Donor

Hi everyone, My name is Sebastian Terry and on behalf of my friend Shana, I’m searching for a kidney donor who can save her life.


Shana is a strong, beautiful soul who gives so much to the world but now needs our help. Residing in LA, Shana has end-stage renal failure which means she lives on dialysis every day as she sits on a waitlist, hoping for a kidney donation. The issue is that the waitlist for a donated kidney is anywhere from 5-12 years while life expectancy on dialysis is only about 5 years.


The clock is unfortunately ticking.


I met with Shana a week ago and she is simply incredible with an inspiring view on life. We need to find her a kidney!


In her own words “I’m searching for an angel to step forward and save my life”.


About Shana:


“I’m just like so many other 30-something women living in Los Angeles…hard working, focused on my career, navigating the single life, and always trying to do more… more yoga, more meditation, more journaling, more apple cider vinegar, lose more weight, make more money, read more books, be a better person, donate more, make more of an impact on the world. I’m known as a power house who “gets shit done”….a “leave a legacy” kind of woman. So much so, that my friends nicknamed me Olivia Pope after the lead character on ABC’s Scandal”


Is there anyone out there interested in finding out more? Let’s share this post, this story, this life, so that together we find that special human who can help this amazing person in Shana.


If you’re interested in finding out more (including a video from Shana), please look at Shana’s KINDSUM page here https://kindsum.com/project/-LI9oIZfJulW66g3Qp7I


I believe #kindnesscounts and I believe we can do this.


Please share, tag and spread this message.


Thank you so much everyone,


Sebastian Terry
Founder of 100 Things / Kindsum… and good friend of the amazing Shana!

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