Let’s Champion for a Sustainable Future in Retail

01 Oct Let’s Champion for a Sustainable Future in Retail


Let’s Champion for a Sustainable Future in the Retail Industry – Please Support Our Petition on Change.org

I found my way here because I just read an interesting article in Forbes titled “Why Sustainable Branding Matters” penned by the Wishwall’s lovely founder, Ms. Simonetta Lein. I appreciated her timely message because the retail industry today is still largely unsustainable. From apparel to groceries to consumer electronics, common business practices are collectively contributing to a massive waste footprint and significant carbon emissions among other environmentally damaging factors.


As a tech accessories maker, I’m in a retail space that’s generating substantial plastic waste and it’s only getting bigger alongside the growing smart device market. The petition’s goal is to spotlight the ubiquity of durable plastics and how it is quickly becoming a low-key major polluter. By simple definition, durable plastics are all plastics not classified as the single-use variety (i.e. straws, packaging, water bottles, etc.). This hardier, impact-resistant polymer is found in everything from phone cases and other tech accessories to children’s toys to medical supplies.


Currently, durable plastic items are not accepted by most municipal recycling programs (even if we dispose of them in blue bins they will still go straight to the landfills). I also started a recycling initiative in the petition to open our phone case recycling program to the public so any concerned citizen can mail their used cases to us to get them properly recycled. We are partnered with a recycling facility that accepts used (aka post-consumer) durable plastics that we collect in the form of phone cases.


Involvement at the grassroots level is so critical right now. My wish is to use this petition to raise awareness on an issue that many people would care about and act on once they are given a chance to better understand it. Hopefully, we can then open more dialogues on how to change the future of the greater retail industry into a sustainable one not far from now.


Please support our petition: https://chn.ge/2OCOgSg

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