Let Go to Move Forward

24 Jul Let Go to Move Forward

You deserve to live an amazing life. To experience joy on a daily basis…we all do and that is what the Universe wants for us. Yes for sure we Will all be thrown events and experiences that seem negative but how much power negativity has over our lives is our choice. To move forward and beyond them we have to learn and be willing to let go.


Is there something you are holding onto that is blocking your path to joy? Limiting beliefs? Grudges? Self doubt? Self pity? Waiting for perfection (I had to let go of that one as I am writing this particular blog in bed, on my phone with a baby soon to be fed at my side leaving no time to edit…perfect it will not be! Apologies.)


Sometimes letting go is as small as me waking up this morning annoyed & cranky after an exhausting and unsettled night feeding baby Charlie. I was holding tight onto self pity,and a feeling of “poor me” but all it did was prevent me from moving on and having a good day.So after a bit of stomping about I accepted the situation for what it was, reset my mindset and enjoyed a chilled out day of joy triggers- naps, Thai food & movies -with my family.


Sometimes letting go can be a longer process , in order to let go of an eating disorder there where many times I had to forgive… but each time it got easier & the joy of recovery followed.
So this week my joy project wish is that you will be able to identify anything that doesn’t serve you and release it, in order to catch more joy. I’m with you as I plan to try kicking out some limiting self beliefs which are holding me back from following my dreams & completing my book…how will I know the joy of being published if I don’t allow myself the joy of believing I can be?


Ask will these thoughts,feelings, words or actions have a positive effect. If the answer is no, time to let then go.


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