Kindness is Free

05 Nov Kindness is Free

Joy Trigger – Kindness To Others


Looking for a fast way to feel good now? Be kind. Smile at everyone you pass, leave a tip, let a car out in front of you in traffic,pay a compliment, tell someone you love that you love them.
It’s free, it feels good and you never know how much of a difference it might make to someone.


Go even further…be nice to the people who anger and annoy you (or at least go with the “if you can’t be nice say nothing at all”) Stop gossiping and complaining, remember that everyone is doing the best they with whatever coping tools they have at the time – that includes the road rage driver, the rude sales assistant, the husband in a bad mood – you get what I mean.
It only takes the smallest act of kindness to create the biggest ripple of good, like wise negativity spreads too.


Let’s be a part of creating a ripple of Joy.


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