Kindness Challege

08 Jan Kindness Challege

When we think of kindness, we can be forgiven for thinking that is is something that is only available to those with money, time or perhaps zero stress in their life.


Images of cleaning a pond, serving soup in the kitchen to the homeless or even donating money online are very common to us when we think of ways in which we can help.


The truth though, as I have experienced, is that showing kindness is something that can be immediately available to anyone, anywhere at any time, should we choose to explore it.


Therefore I would love to set a challenge to each of you reading now- within the next minute you can make a difference to someone’s life without having to move a muscle.


Are you ready?


Grab your phone(I know it’s right next year!), and simply text somebody who you are looking forward to spend time with in 2019.


It’s that simple.


In your text, explain to them why it is you are looking forward to spend time with them and that you’re excited to create, share or simply be with them.




“Dad, I feel sad that we didn’t spend too much time together in 2018 and this year I would like to change this. I look forward to sharing more of my life with you and spending more time learning about yours. I’d love to create some experiences for us to enjoy and at some stage look back on and smile.”


Kindness can happen in many ways and I can vouch to that a well intentioned text message sent with love can not just bring a smile to somebody but it could change their life.


I urge you to take up today’s challenge!


Sebastian Terry


Founder of @Kindsum

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