Keeley Wants to Motivate the Masses With Her Music

09 Aug Keeley Wants to Motivate the Masses With Her Music

I’m mosaic I’m scattered parts…in a masterpiece” (And Still by Keeley Shaye)


When I deployed earlier this year, I was on top of the world. I had just worked my ass off to record every last drop off music Universal Records had requested, and under a steep deadline of 5 weeks. I couldn’t believe I was capable of so much with no evidence of my capabilities before this adventure really took off in March of 2017.


But that’s the point, none of us fully understand how strong, genius, talented, and badass we really are until we stop telling ourselves we CAN’T and just start DOING it. One thing I learned as an child athlete, is that “if running is hard, run more!”


I apply that to everything, and at first it really sucks putting myself through challenges and risks and “failures” and fear, but at the end, even if I do not master the skill or new thing I am trying to learn (shoutout to every burnt rack of muffins out there) I at least come out on top with the knowledge that trying something new didn’t kill me, and now I know where NOT to waste my time (deuces, bakery!).


My deployment was then cut short due to an unfortunate event that cannot be disclosed at this time. What I will say, however, is that it was a completely messed up use of power, and I will not come back from that event if I curl up into a ball and pet my dog for the rest of my life (even though it sounds ravishing).


So here’s what WE are going to do about that–yep, I said we, and now you’ve read this you have now signed a visual agreement that we are partners in positive change. Welcome to the team! WE are going to soothe the world with music, motivational lyrics, therapeutic rhythms to dance to, clean to, and practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu to.


My job is to write and create the music, and to speak on the issues to any and everyone that will listen (I got you!). As a valuable part of the team (via this contract, remember?) your job is to continue to support the movement through word-of-mouth and sharing the music to soothe the most souls!


My music encompasses the realities of adversities (heartache, abuse, domestic violence, ideation), but instead of focusing on the problem, it shouts RESILIENCY. After hearing the tracks, listeners may be more enlightened to analyze areas of their life where they are being walked on or taken advantage of, and exude confidence and empowerment.


All audiences have something in the mix to transition from “Barely Surviving” to “Undoubtedly Thriving” in life.


My Wish –


My wish is that, no matter what the world may tell us our worth is, we will not falter in our belief in ourselves, and our ever-growing team as we work to empower each other. We will define ourselves by our strengths, not our weaknesses.


We will always know and remind others that we can appear broken as people, but still have beauty and worth, no matter the tears, bruises, or scars.


We will not give up on the fight for equality, self-love, and let love win. Let’s transform the world. Let’s morph the social norm. Let’s empower each other. Let’s not just make the world “better,” let’s make the world SAFE, for EVERYONE. You are important, and I believe in you. Again, welcome to the team (you are still under contract) 😉


-XO, Keeley Shaye on behalf of We Take Note for The Wishwall


Photo Credit: Keeley Shaye

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