It’s Ok to Fail

19 Feb It’s Ok to Fail

Thanks for the quote JK Rowling! It really hit a nerve with me when I came across this as I’d been thinking alot lately about how fear can stop us from living the Joy filled life we could.


I went back to work last week, I’m a self employed running coach and I’ve held loads of my beginners groups but after an 18 month break I was petrified, really really nervous and my mind was coming up with every excuse to stay at home! But I did it and you know what? It was amazing and felt so good. Even still, I’m now mildly to serverely (depending on the time of day)fretting about a positive mindset talk I’m booked to give to students in March. But I shall push through that fear.


Wondering if perhaps instead of fearing failure and making mistakes we embraced the possibility as an opportunity to learn and to experience new things. After all the worst that can happen is we are back where we were before but the best and most likely outcome is we get to the feel goosebumpy, spine tingling, golden glow of Joy.


Go for it. Whatever you’ve been putting off…go for it.
And win or lose. Succeed or fail, praise yourself no matter what.

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