20 Jul Intentions


Happy Sunday to this beautiful community of mine! 🤗

I’ve got a question for y’all… do you set an intention before you start your day? End your day? When it’s a new moon? When you’re working on a project? Setting an INTENTION is something I do on the daily now.

Setting an Intention for me not only aligns me with my purpose but helps check back into the meaning behind my creations

I truly believe it sets up each day for myself for success and to align me with whatever I’m meant to call in at that now moment. For myself and others. 💛🥰

That’s why I was SO excited and honored to collaborate with my friend at @tajacollection for this Smudge Kit because my intention was to help anyone who wants to smudge away any negative energy, set them up in a positive mindset & set their own intentions. 🙏🏻

I know how overwhelming life can feel, and then you add in the last year & a half, and we are all FEELING it!!

My intention with my creation was to create not only a beautiful vase with an affirmation to remind us all of the LIGHT we are but also, beautiful crystals & palo santo and sage to help you cleanse your home and space.
Great crystals to get you started with grounding your space too!!

Everything is ENERGY & it’s so important we all pay attention to where our energy goes.
As @tonyrobbins says “energy flows where attention goes”

Are you being mindful in your own life? In your purpose?!

Drop your intention in the comments today! Whoever grabs my attention with theirs,will get a cup of tea/ coffee on me ( I’ll Venmo you) because my intention is to honor my community & continue to be a Light to you all 💛💫


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