I’m lost

09 May I’m lost

There,I said it. I’m lost. When presented with a wish, I don’t what kind of a wish would help me.

I have relocated from Florida to Michigan with my husband and our daughter. We went through the housing crisis in Florida and never Recovered We no longer could afford our home after years of struggling. So, we moved to Michigan with a transfer of my job.

We struggle here  I have two jobs and he has one that is a sliver of his former job

Our daughter cries when I leave for work  Our house is constant clutter because I can’t keep it clean  I wish I could spend more time with her . I would teach her piano, read with her, do math problems, brush her hair, make crafts, laugh…

I feel like a failure.  I feel like I am circling the drain.  I don’t know what single wish would help me spend more time with Joanna.  She’s 9 . I need to be stronger soon . Today.

  • Simonetta Lein
    Posted at 20:32h, 09 May Reply

    Dear Leeta, first of all thank you so much for your words, when someone asks for help it is the first sign that everything will turn around for the best. First of all I am a counsellor, I cannot give you accurate feedbacks in this location but I can read in your words a lot of judgment about yourself. I want to point instead how brave you all are, finding a way to react and creating a new life. I had to live my country, Italy, my family, I got married and my husband and I literally started all over again. As you did I was able to react and change my life. But then I understood the power of acting instead of reacting, getting to know myself better and actually pushing myself to do that. There is no magic tool that will change your life if you first don’t start to appreciate it. You have a beautiful daughter, a husband, you have a job actually two, you have a house, most of the people cannot reach that in a life time. We are so much into problems that we do not appreciate what we have and believe me it is not easy recognize how lucky you are with your heart. I had first this experience and so I pushed my self to study, go deeper in life. That is the first key so that every other aspect in your life will go at your rithm. If you feel better everyday will fall into places. We really can change everything in our destiny except death and real bad things and the more we appreciate, even if you have to forse yourself a bit the more your vital state will be higher and you will be able to have more beauty around you. Start simple, first of all do not feel guilty if you leave your daughter to go to work, feel proud of yourself and explain her. Kids are very smart, if they feel part of a family plan they will feel much better. Maybe not immediately but you have to stick with your position and she will be better. Then impose yourself to clean where you live, it is not impossible and once you start then you will feel better. Write down when you are going to do it and how you are going to do it, you can follow a schedule so that you will not feel lost. Then there are many ways so that you can find peace, I don’t know if you believe in God, I am personally Buddhist and studying Buddhism gave me a total different aspect in my life. When I was though that in Buddhism there is not pessimism I felt it right through in my heart and I said to myself that because this peaceful philosophy makes so much sense to me I couldn’t allow myself to be pessimistic. And when I am sad I immediately force myself to study wiser words and try to put some music, I try to change the energy. It is not that difficult. Maybe now you see it all black but from an external point of view as a woman to a woman I am proud to see how strong you are. Be committed in start loving you and your family because you all deserve it, Rome wasn’t built in a day so havebe a bit of patience and really force yourself to get inspired, clean your home and appreciate what you have. Everything will change because of you. If you need any suggestions on interesting readings or people you can meet to inspire yourself Lmk. If you follow a church and you like it please go, you can do this!

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