I wish to share my story.

18 Dec I wish to share my story.

Wishes can be used in two ways, A wish can be selfish, and a Wish Can be SelfLess. You know the greatest Wish that I could’ve ever been given, was given to me by God. God saved my life, not just once but many many times. My sister and I, both are Survivors of Cancers. We both had two different types. We both survived, both went into remission in 2004. I am Eighteen Years Old, and I have a Dream. A Dream, that I am Actively pursuing. I Dream of becoming an Actor/Inspirational Speaker.


Maybe even open up my own business, who knows! Ha, but seriously; I don’t really have any huge gut-scraping wish other than one. I wish, I could SHARE My Story Of Who I Am, and How I manage to persevere against any obstacle that tackles me. I want to share my story on a video, talk-show, or honestly just anywhere, where I can get my story-out. I honestly believe, if I can share My Story with people, than I can inspire them not to give up. I can inspire them to pursue their dreams, no matter what life throws out at them.


I am a Performer, I am a Speaker, I love to inspire people, and Entertain them. Guess, what. I am Eighteen Years Old, Five-One Foot Tall, and I have Restrictive Lung Disease. I live in Colorado, and I wear Oxygen-Therapy. I honestly, don’t care about my looks, in the sense of weighing me down. I honestly believe I have a purpose, and that purpose is to inspire others. So, I wish to share My Story to inspire other.

Thank You So Much!

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