I want to save my grandfather’s farm.

10 Nov I want to save my grandfather’s farm.

I am wanting to keep my grandfather’s farm a farm, and keep it in the family. My grandfather had his father buy this farm for him in the late 1940s while he was serving in the US Army. The farm goes back to 1900, with the barn being built around that time. The farm consists of 60 acres in Northeast Georgia. My grandfather had fruits, vegetables, chickens, and beef cattle on this farm. He grew most of what he ate, and he gave what he had left to others in the community. My grandfather wanted the farm to stay a farm, and stay in the family. My grandfather passed away almost 7 years ago at the age of 93. If the farm stays in the family just over 25 more years, it will be a Century Farm. In general, family farms are disappearing, but, I feel they are important to communities. I feel it is important to have locally grown food, especially in times like we have now when food is rumored to become more scarce.
I also feel family farms contribute positively to the environment and ecosystems. My background is in Agriculture, and I have a Ph.D. I know I can manage the farm, and do things to help the community. I was born to a single teen mother, so we lived on the farm until I was three years old, and I spent much time on the farm growing up, and after finishing college. Now, my mom and uncle want to sell the farm. I know this is a big thing to ask, but I want to save my grandfather’s farm. I hope someone can help me, and I can buy my grandfather’s farm.

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