I might have been down but not out

29 Jun I might have been down but not out

It has been a long haul: prematurely born,given away at two, huge national car crash and survived, was beaten down in a fight long ago, lost my mon, step mom, Gradpa, grandma, had one of our Daughter assaulted…still…I am standing: I believe in using our Spiritually God given power to uplift others. I am blessed. I have a few. Mainly an extra ordinary insight and also positive philosophical tips crushing stress in a rapid way for anyone!


I decided in 2005, on my own, in Southern California, to help people via the internet, for them to have a free shot at their dream within five working days. I would, after extensive research and use of my uncanny intuition, send them a huge e mail with direct contacts/ideas on a user friendly manner/tools to do so/a plan for saving money-time-energy, some media to be pumped up & even some cool tips for uplift your mood: guaranteed, usually, to work if you applied it.


I called that service infogather.com then changed it to THEinfogatherer. All that from 2005 to 2016. An intro that was about that:


Free Service Helps Build Your Dream


Another intro in the UK, this time, in 2015:


Social Good Six Interview 52- Pascal-Henri Gillon


I stopped briefly in 2017 to rest a bit, then decided to finally revamp the site and make it self sufficient: a haven on the net where someone could, gratuitously,teach folks to do some good which is great for your health, crush stress with quick & amazing tips and even check some positive World Changers from Artists to Musicians on the Features page. The site is a self service free place to pick up what you need and use it everyday. I called it Metaphilotimo: Philotimo (Greek: φιλότιμο) is a Greek noun meaning “love of honor”. At its core, philotimo is about goodness and generosity of spirit. So, with this website, I am showing you to do Metaphilotimo, which is to go beyond thinking about just ourselves, as only by taking but giving back, can we have a true so needed balanced society.




My wish? That people use that site even more in the US, UK, Canada…the tips on there are incredibly efficient to cruch stress plus it shows that doing altruism uplift us all! No matter if I am not paid for it after those years: I never charged people because, the godly thing to do is not to charge for hope!

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