I just Want to see People Happy

08 May I just Want to see People Happy

I only had 6$, a low camera phone when I first started this, I was caring my phone in one hand and giving food with second hand, I want to know people about my wish about my dreams, I don’t want to be famous, I don’t want to be popular, I just want to help people as much as I can without thinking I can buy good phone with this money, normal people spend 10$ on a McDonald burger but in 10$, 10 poor can be feed one time meal.
Yes indeed there are so many people in this world doing great thing I just want to be one of them.


I always wanted to help someone now I have finally started. And I don’t want to stop.i don’t care how much money do i have, what i care about is how can i make someone smile,❤how can i help someone❤, because that’s what makes me happy.


If you are reading this
“I  always wondered why somebody
didn’t do something about this
then I realized I am somebody”
The name zain malik, a motivator, my wish is all about motivating people,making people smile, spreading love,giving away food and many things,helping others,giveaway,making people happy,making them believe in themselves.


“There Is always someone in need”.
This make me realized I must take my first step for humanity, what about you? May you all have a wonderful life
I don’t ask for money, if you are still reading this mean you have a gold heart, all I ask you is to share it as much as you can.



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