How to make friends after coming out?

03 Oct How to make friends after coming out?

Do you feel like it’s been difficult to find or keep good friends after coming out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender?


It can be tough to feel different, but people are more open and accepting than ever before about differences in gender and sexual orientation. You’re not alone, don’t worry!


I mean, Avoid the negative people in your life. Focus your efforts on being friends with those who support LGBT issues, as well as those who are simply supportive regardless of their orientation.


Find out which friends are more supportive and keep them in your life. Avoid withdrawing from your friends after coming out. Keep your relationships strong. You don’t have to be friends with people that you don’t like.
Understand that one person’s negative comments don’t necessarily indicate that everyone feels this way. Don’t let one bully or one negative person define what you think of the people around you.
Trust yourself and let go of negativity. Find out if there are social groups or community centers in your area that focus on LGBT issues. Not matter your background or sexual identity, being in space where you feel accepted for your sexuality is important and meaningful. Seek online support from others who identify as LGBT.


If you live in an isolated area or place that’s anti-gay, it may feel difficult to make or keep friends. There are many resources online to help you through this transition, and to help you feel more included.
Join an online message board or forum to discuss your interests with other people who are LGBT.
Connect through LGBT social networking sites. Sometimes it may be easier to discuss what you’re feeling with others who aren’t in your neighborhood.
Find help if you’re feeling like you need to talk. Talk with the same people who’s been through what you’re going through. Connect with the GLBT Help Center online, by phone, or through chat:

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