Helping People Live Their Passion

08 Jun Helping People Live Their Passion

My life has been so blessed, in countless ways; whether it be family, friends, career, my business. As a young girl, and into my adulthood, I have always been encouraged to follow my dreams. With hard work and the realization of my passions, I took the steps to accomplish goals.


I started a business,The Wholistic Package. as a Reiki Practitioner, published a children’s book, and volunteered for organizations. All of these accomplishments, have given me a sense of purpose and joy, in a way that truly gives me a feeling of true contentment.


I also always try to give back through my business, whether it be school fundraisers with my children’s book or raising donations, through my inspirational apparel line.


My wish is that, The Wishwall Foundation, can provide an opportunity to less fortunate people to fulfill at least one of their lifelong passions. Whether it be to learn how to play a musical instrument, write a book, etc.


To give people the opportunity to make a dream, become a reality is priceless. Giving people hope, for something, they never thought they would have the opportunity to fulfill. We are not here to only exist, but to give meaning to our lives and inspire others! Thank you.

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