Help with Serenity’s Veterinary Bills

20 Aug Help with Serenity’s Veterinary Bills

Hello, I am an Australian Shepherd, who was recently adopted by two senior citizens, who fell in love with my picture on Pet-Finder.  The Vet. who gave me my physical, assured the rescue that I was healthy; and, I would be ready to be placed in my forever home.  Now, I am in my new home, where I am happy; and I know I am loved. I love to run and play in the yard; and, I enjoy rolling on my back to do somersaults. I was not feeling too well; as I had a fever. I went to the Veterinary Referral Center in Malvern to have an ultrasound. It was discovered, the I have cancer. My only hope would be surgery and chemotherapy. Now, I no longer have a fever; and, the best part is I am feeling much better now. My pet parents have been paying my bill with the Care Credit card; but, the credit card is only a temporary band aid, because the balance keeps increasing with each visit.  Also, the Veterinary Referral Center is financing a portion of the bill. My pet parents are on a fixed income with Social Security; so, it will be very difficult to continue making the payments. I am hoping for a few Guardian Angels to help with my bills. Can someone please consider contributing something towards my bill at: Veterinary Referral Center in Malvern. Their telephone number is: (610)647-2950.  Their contact information is:   Can someone PLEASE HELP ME.  THANK YOU, SERENITY AND FAMILY Personal Note to: Simonetta Lein Simonetta, I am enclosing the information about our dog. The combined bills at present are about $14,000. We are paying these, slowly.  We are hoping some people, who see this may help us with this amount. The Vets. will continue to take care of him and keep him healthy as long as we pay them. We really care about our dog. We want to give him every opportunity to live and be happy for as long as possible. Please post this where several people can see it. Thank you so much for your kindness. May God Bless You and Your Family, Always, Serenity and Family

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