Help Me Visit Vienna, Austria! For Free!!

31 Aug Help Me Visit Vienna, Austria! For Free!!

Hello everyone – my name is Mike Lyles and I am a Director of QA and Project Management. Through the past 25 years, I have been working in Information Technology. In 2003, I became a manager for the first time. I realized the beauty of helping others – and the passion inside me to work closely with each and every person that worked on my team, seeking to find what their goals were in life, what they ‘wanted to be when they grew up’.


This passion led me to writing technical articles, and speaking at conferences all over the U.S. I met so many people, and my goal was to ensure that everyone I met would walk away feeling motivated, inspired, and empowered to be the best they could be. From 1971 until 2017, I had never left the US & Canada. While I had spoken all over the country, I had never flown to other countries. I was honored in 2017 to travel to multiple countries and can say now that I have been to 5 of the 7 continents with those travels – all through my speaking, coaching, and mentoring of thousands.


When I am building a team, I don’t simply review their resume or evaluate their answers to interview questions. I look for people who want to change the world. People that have a passion within them that needs to come out. Through the years, i have built dozens, probably hundreds of teams – and I take tremendous pride in working hard every day so that everyone that works with me someday says “Mike was my favorite Manager”. I value the passion that is within everyone, and I want to change the world and leave a legacy.


In 2003, I felt the passion to write motivational quotes, stories, and eventually a book. Through the years, I have put together hundreds of notes, articles, and writings, and by the first of 2019, I plan to release a motivational book called “The Drive-Thru Is Not Always Faster”. (


So with such a great life of meeting so many inspirational people, and obtaining the privilege of coaching and mentoring others — what would a guy like Mike Lyles want from the wish wall today? Here is my wish…..


I was nominated with over 2000+ candidates for the title of “Test Manager of the Year” for a competition that runs through September 5, 2018. There are 6 categories for Testing Heroes 2018 – and my nomination for Test Manager of the Year is special, because of the fact that if I win, I will get an all expense paid trip to Vienna, Austria, to participate in the software testing conference that will be there in Oct 9-10, 2018.


My wish is simple, friends. And it doesn’t cost you one penny. Doesn’t take more than 1 minute (LITERALLY) to help me. I simply wish for you to go to the voting link and make a vote for me. You don’t have to select anyone from the other candidates there. You can just vote for the Test Manager role – and submit.


Please help me get my wish for traveling for the first time to beautiful Vienna – at no cost to me. But most of all, to obtain the award for Test Manager of the Year.


I was running in 5th place for many days – but i’m not in the top 5 now. I need hundreds, maybe thousands, of votes to win. Your vote will be part of this! Help me achieve my dream!


Here is the link if you kindly wish to help me – please vote before Sept 5th. The link is:

Thank you and bless you for your vote!

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