healing people through self love

31 Jul healing people through self love

I wish to heal as many people as I can through laughter and my psychic abilities. There have been many times where I’ve been at the lowest point in my life due to a relationship. I’ve always imagined the day where less people would stop letting the demise of their relationships determine their future.


A few short years ago I discovered my psychic abilities and although I was called weird and even exiled by certain family members, I knew that God was trying to open my mind up to something. I decided to start a YouTube channel (DivineFaith Tarot) that caters to solving people’s relatiosnip problems and giving relationship advice off of my abilities. I set off on this journey because I never wanted anyone to have to feel how I felt after I went through the worst breakup of my life.


At one point in time I questioned my existence because that person made me feel I was unworthy. So I prayed and I started incorporating astrology and tarot cards to help people heal, but also laugh at the same time. It’s my wish to reach more people and to heal those who feel that there’s nothing else left after a relationship ends. Love is one of the most powerful emotions and sometimes people will sacrifice everything for it. But I am making it a point to them that they don’t have to sacrifice everything just to convince someone to love them or stay. It’s also my wish to be able to let the world know that it’s okay to be different, especially if you are an intuitive person and have abilities that everyone may not understand.


Also, Long term I would love to be able to use my abilities to become a motivational speaker for women and men when it comes to relationships and the battles we faced within them.

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