Goodbye Anxiety

21 Oct Goodbye Anxiety

Sometimes I’ll just wake up with that right feeling in my chest and a panicky, can’t get my thoughts clear fog in my head.
Sometimes I know why, more often than not I don’t although triggers are definitely change in routine, doing too much, lack of sleep & annoyingly just when life is going really good.
This time of year has always increased anxiety for me even as a child the darker evenings and chill in the air would make me uneasy for a bit – again related to a change in routine I think.


But I’ve learnt now that trying to fight or ignore it only makes it worst & this is a list of things I find really helpful when it arrives.


Tidying up
Telling someone
20 second hugs
Writing a gratitude list
Hot showers
Fresh air & nature
Cancelling plans
Making my bed
Wearing really comfy clothes


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