Giving back to my significant other

15 Apr Giving back to my significant other


I am an aspiring medical school student and I was recently accepted for a fellowship on a partial scholarship to be able to study patients abroad for a month this summer. I was extremely honored and excited, but as the scholarship was only partial, I could not afford to attend the fellowship and I prepared to turn it down.


My boyfriend of several years, knowing how much this opportunity meant to me, contacted the fellowship and paid my tuition, basically using up his entire personal savings. I was absolutely floored by the level of his generosity and selflessness.


So, I was inspired to make this multi-faceted wish for him. Sean lives his life in the constant service of others and is always willing to give whatever he has for the betterment of someone else. My wish is for help in fundraising some money to help pay him back for the tuition money he paid for my experience and that he receive some sort of amazing career experience, like the one that he provided to me.


Sean works in finance and his dream is to receive his MBA in Health Management and to help tackle some of the issues that underprivileged citizens experience in our healthcare system. I would love for him to receive the type of support and experiences that he has given me and many others. Thank you!

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