Girls, go away from silence and become free!

29 Oct Girls, go away from silence and become free!

Hello girls around the World,
I will tell you my story to give you the courage to go away from darkness.
It all began 17 years ago, when I was only 9 year old and a little girl with a very normal life.
At that time my parents were separating, but at the end they got back together.
My neighbour, who knew my parents and my grandparents for many years, began to approach me, initially to console me for the temporary separation of my parents. He was about 68 years old, I think.I I thought his behaviour was normal.
But one evening when I was reaching my aunt (she used to come every evening to visit the wife of my neighbour), I met him near the cellar: he had his pants down and was masturbating in front of my eyes.
At that precise moment I knew (I don’t know how and why)he was there and doing those things because he wanted me to see them.
That evening I ran away and I tried to forget everything, but in the following days he continued to do the same thing.
He began to follow all my movements and reach me whenever I was alone.
It was terrible and I didn’t know what to do.
One day I was in the garden alone, I was playing. He arrived and told me :”Let’s make love”. I didn’t know precisely what “make love” meant…but I unterstood that the situazion was critical, so I ran into my house.
He opened the door and reach me in my bedroom, so he tried to persuade me to have sex with him but I told him to go away and he fortunately went out of my house.
I was so afraid of him! One day he touched me, but fortunately nothing worst than that happened to me.


After almost 2 years of silence, I decided to talk to my best friend and from there an even more difficult time began.
At school everyone knew about it, some of my classmates laughed, others looked at me strangely.
My parents were the last to know the whole story and then they were desperated.
Fortunately in the end my neighbour was denounced and lost the trial in court, but I wasn’t the same little girl anymore.
For a long time I thought to be dirty, that I was responsible for everything. I didn’t like the boys anymore, I was afraid of them.
But one day I decided to react and I began to “throw me” in friendship, love, school, dance, music!
Today I’m happy, I have a boyfriend who loves me very much and a I have a good life.
Sometimes I remember this dark times…but the darkness can’t reach me anymore!
Girls, you have to denounce!
Let’s speak up and ask for help!
It could be difficult, someone won’t believe in you but the important people are those who love us.
Be strong <3

Lots of love,

  • Mary Beth Iannarella
    Posted at 15:52h, 11 November Reply

    No need to be silent when so many people love you and are there for you. No need to feel ashamed of something that was not your fault, but it is so hard at such a young age to understand any of it. Thank you for sharing this and hopefully someone who is suffering in silence will know it is NOT their fault and to speak up.

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