Future Entrepreneurs: The Long Road

07 Jun Future Entrepreneurs: The Long Road

“And sometimes is seen a strange spot in the sky
A human being that was given to fly…”
From Pearl Jam’s “Given to Fly”


Happy June! Thank you for everyone who mingled with us at the Beverly Hills Food & Wine Festival in LA last week!
As we’re on the road to becoming entrepreneurs, we’ve talked a lot about intuition, as well as great music. We’re halfway through the year, so let’s make time to pulse check our goals as well as our why with a few tips: http://thewishwall.org/desideri/future-entrepreneurs-pulse-check


You’ll also see that this link celebrates the release of Pearl Jam’s film, “Let’s Play Two”.
This week’s wish is from a friend I know from Pearl Jam shows and community work in Chicago.


A live Pearl Jam concert changed Tom’s life in 2013 and he’s been doing something about it by founding Given To Live, a project that aims to make live music accessible to all regardless of situation or circumstances.


There is nothing quite like the experience of seeing a favorite band or artist perform live. The moment a song with personal meaning is played, the sense of community. We feel this should be available to everyone.
For so many seeing a band is as easy as buying the ticket and turning up.
For others this is not so simple. This is where Given To Live come in by providing the funding for the recipient to experience a live performance of their choosing.


This story/wish is published a few days before Tom’s Long Road to London, to Pearl Jam’s shows at the O2. On June 11th Tom will start to walk 160 miles to Pearl Jam’s gig at The O2 Arena in London from the Given To Live office in Bristol aiming to raise at least £2000 to keep making live music dreams come true.


In this video Tom talks about the impact Given To Live has on people’s lives and why he is going to walk The Long Road. http://www.giventolive.com


Tom recorded as special update for our readers today: “I’ve seen the impact. Doing this makes a huge difference to people…” https://youtu.be/bXniSd1j9v4


Best wishes for your long walk and campaign Tom!
Entrepreneurs, what inspires you to take action?


Thanks for reading and we welcome your comments below.


Cheers & fair winds,


Akasha Lin


Akasha Garnier for The Wishwall
Author, Brand Expert, Filmmaker
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“Given to Fly”
© Universal Music Publishing Group

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