Future Entrepreneurs: Smart Sharing

31 May Future Entrepreneurs: Smart Sharing

This week one controversial tweet caused an uproar and resulted in cancellation of a TV show. I won’t rehash everything, but we will take time to realign. My wish for future entrepreneurs: smart shares.
We have countless opportunities to share all kinds of information online – about your wish, yourself, your friends and fam, your business and plenty of food photos in between.
Before you share, rant or make a recommendation, keep these things in mind: Your online actions can have real-world consequences. The pictures you post and the words you write do affect the people in your real life. Think twice before you post and share.


> Once you post information online, you can’t take it back.


Sure, you may think that you’ve deleted a comment or a picture from a site – or that you will delete it later. Know that it may still be online or saved on someone else’s phone or computer.

>Get someone’s approval before you share photos or videos they’re in.


Online photo albums are great for storing and sharing pictures. It’s so easy to snap a shot and upload it instantly. Stop and think about your own privacy – and other people’s – before you share photos and videos online. It can be embarrassing, unfair, and even unsafe to send or post photos and videos without getting permission from the people in them.


> Politeness counts


Tweeting and commenting are just another way for people to have a conversation. They appreciate “please” and “thank you” too (or pls and ty).


> Dial it down


Using all CAPS, long rows of exclamation points or large bold fonts is the same as shouting. And we do not need to create more noise!
Friends and gourmets in LA, I will see you at the Beverly Hills Food & Wine Festival this weekend (June 1-2)!


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Thank you for reading! Have a think…and then we welcome your comments below.
[Image: Akasha Garnier, Hotel Erwin in Los Angeles. It’s one of my favorite hotels and hospitality teams, but not where I’m staying this week.]
Cheers & keep shining bright,


Akasha Lin


Akasha Lin Garnier
Author, Branding Expert, Filmmaker
http://www.akashagarnier.com for The Wishwall Foundation
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