Future Entrepreneurs: Publishing Platforms

10 Jan Future Entrepreneurs: Publishing Platforms

Use Publishing Platforms to Increase Brand Awareness: 7 Tips
Creating high-quality content is not enough without the ability to make it widely available to your audience and connect with peers.


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This week we’ll help with brand strategy with inspiration from the Inc. Young Entrepreneur Council:
Grab your playbook and get ready to plan for success!


Content marketing efforts have become part and parcel of any brand’s overall marketing strategy as a means to provide their target audience with valuable, relevant information, expand their reach and build a stronger customer base in the process.
But creating high-quality, engaging content is not enough to build brand awareness without having a proper plan to disseminate your content and make sure it reaches potential customers and advocates. These seven entrepreneurs discuss how using online publishing platforms such as Medium or Quora can help you increase brand awareness and ensure your content is reaching the right people.
Syndicate and customize.


A great way of leveraging publishing platforms to increase brand awareness is by reposting or repurposing content that has already proven to perform well, according to From The Future CEO Nick Eubanks.


“Standing on the shoulders of giants can be huge for gaining strong SEO rankings. One of my favorite strategies is to take blog posts that have done well on our company’s blog and republish them on Medium, just changing the post title to target keywords that we weren’t targeting with the original post,” he says. “It has helped me gain additional rankings for commercial keywords.”
Interview experts.
Depending on the industry, publishing content featuring experts in your niche can be a great way to increase your brand’s visibility. “I have been interviewing experts in different fields and posting the interviews on Medium,” says digital marketing expert Jean Ginzburg.
“I post the interviews to my social media channels and request the interviewee post the Medium article to his or her social media. I use that as a branding awareness strategy for my business to get the message across,” she explains.
Be transparent.
“I’ve found that my most transparent Medium content has done best. Being honest, open and sharing things that others usually won’t is a great way to attract new readers,” says Ben Lang of IT Kit.
In addition to being transparent and honest, it also helps to make sure the things you share are unique to your brand. “Think about ways to share learnings, numbers, screenshots, product-related content and other unique things that only you can create,” says Lang.
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