Future Entrepreneurs: Have an Attitude

06 Jun Future Entrepreneurs: Have an Attitude

“Fashion is about something that comes from WITHIN you“- Ralph Lauren


I recently had an inspiring conversation with entrepreneur and indie film friends that founded Pain Vs Guilt
[ https://www.painvsguilt.com ]. Lean in and listen to their wisdom for future entrepreneurs.
Pain Vs Guilt was established in 2008, in Southern California, with inspiration from the lifestyle of that area…and an attitude of course! My daughter pondered making t-shirts for skateboarders since she enjoyed skateboarding. However, she did not pursue that idea. Instead, I started the business!
Now it’s evolved so the t-shirts express and celebrate many things and people. Fortunately our Pain Vs Guilt company evolved into a diversified product line for all to enjoy! [ https://www.painvsguilt.com/shop ]
My inspiration comes from the Medieval times, so I started with the Logo reflecting such (Medieval handcuffs & sword), and the first designs, the Gargoyle, Conquer, Eternal Lovers and an old style Firefighter’s helmet. In fact, my father was a voluntary firefighter – and the design was made in honor of him!
The designs evolved into some patriotic designs and then I continued on with a diversity. All the designs and shirts are made with love! Our dedication to the quality of this product line unequivocally derived from our passion and the drive to share great and unique designs with everyone. We are very proud to bring to market a line of shirts that is for the customer’s enjoyment and collection.
Our line will certainly continue to grow and expand to ensure that customers have dynamic and extraordinary designs in the near future.


We’re delighted to broaden the selection and are committed to providing our customers with a pleasurable shopping experience and shirts they love to wear!
And as we evolve, life comes along with emotions. Since the day we were born, we all continue to wear different expressions. We strive for happiness, but pain is unavoidable too. With this all humble-jumble phenomenon, guilt is intuitive and somehow, leads us to suffer from pain to fight with soreness of guilt. Among all of this, a smile is the style fighters always wear!
With a deep respect for every struggling heart and inspired by Lauren’s words, we developed our fashion clothing brand of Pain vs. Guilt. The aim is to express our gratitude to the real heroes of our world who fight to cope with pain and guilt. Yes, YOU, YOU and you, every one of you is our real hero!
Just like emotions, styles are translated through expressions. Our T-shirts don’t discriminate against gender difference. If you’re fighting to overcome your pain and guilt, be our hero and choose your favorite expression from our fashion line of clothing. Our epic designs are dedicated to the fighter, the lover, the hero and the unabashed.


Wear a style that comes from WITHIN you, Have an attitude! https://www.instagram.com/painvsguilt
Meet some of our brand ambassadors:
The RIC shirt (Riding Is Contagious) was made in honor of Ric Mellon, a motorcycle safety advocate who lives in Wisconsin https://www.painvsguilt.com/shop/t-shirts-for-men/ric-men-t-shirt. The Ronin design, I recently had made in honor of my dear friend John Glenn Pasko, a Desert Storm Veteran who succumbed to PTSD. https://www.painvsguilt.com/shop/t-shirts-for-men/ronin-t-shirt-for-men
He was a great friend and protector for many.
Women in Business Giving Back
Both the Peacekeeper design and the K9 Hero design have been used for giving back. The shirts were sold for $30.00 each, and $5.00 would go back to cause being supported for each shirt sold.
Going forward, I would like to do the same with the Ronin design and I have made two new PTSD designs that will be for giving back.
Some of my models and/or cross promotions currently are


Indie Film:
Kim Baptiste https://www.kimbaptiste.com
[We will hear more in a visit with Kim coming soon!]
Chris Twomey – @bdckool on Twitter https://t.co/h6GRymjFbK Actor in Preacher Six, and soon will be shooting The Coop Film (modern Western).


Juli Moody – @julimoodystunts on Twitter http://t.co/fdZHTKR5GV
Juli is a professional stunt woman with 11 World Records. She also has my business listed on her website, under the News section. She works (or has worked) in the medical field.


Police, PTSD:
Joe Locus – @DetJoeLocus on Twitter https://t.co/3jhvWi1Xm9
Joe is a retired Police detective who has PTSD and cancer. He has a service dog named Jinky. Joe has set up a PTSD help site (he is working on the non-profit status).
I approached Jodi Mohrmann (on Twitter) of WJXT4 news in Florida and asked her if she could bring attention to Joe’s case of needing medical benefits. Jodi was a tremendous help; she wrote an article, she had Joe interviewed by her station, she contacted Senator Marco Rubio’s office and he ended up winning his case for medical benefits.


Joe can been seen wearing my products on both of the links.
Thanks for sharing your story, Team Pain Vs Guilt!
We appreciate our readers and welcome comments below!


Akasha Lin
Akasha Garnier for #TheWishwall
Author, Brand Expert, Filmmaker
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