Future Entrepreneurs: Customer Preference

21 Feb Future Entrepreneurs: Customer Preference

Take a survey of your brand strengths. Are you making them easy for customer to see and understand? This is one of the top ways to shine through the noise of competition.


Trader Joe’s has a cult-like following, thanks to the way the company seems to make grocery shopping easier. Data science professionals have ranked Trader Joe’s number one in customer preference for two years running. In 2017, Trader Joe’s made $13.3 billion, yet the brand has no online store, no loyalty programs, and no sales. When you break it down to square footage, Trader Joe’s is actually selling more than double its competitors like Whole Foods.
Read on from this article by MSN Business Insider:


Are you overwhelming your potential clients and customers with too much to read or sort through?
Take 20 minutes to write down 5 ways you can make your product, service and brand easy to choose.
Write what comes to mind first, you can always go back and refine your choices later.


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