Future Entrepreneurs: Clarity

21 Sep Future Entrepreneurs: Clarity

Future Entrepreneurs: Clarity


“When you have clarity about where you want to go, you can tap into your inner reservoir of desire. And the more desirable your destination, the more energy you’ll find to reach it.”~Akasha Garnier, Secrets to #ShineThroughtheNoise


Last year at this time this quote from my book started causing buzz and excitement with readers. Read it again. When I post this quote online, I get a few questions about what it means. Voila: We must know where we want to do in order to reach the destination. Yes, there is a place for wandering, and scores of quotes about doing so. Eventually, you need to decide on a destination and then set course for it. We all do. Yes, that’s a too long for a tweet, but stay with me.

Last week we talked about scheduling at least an hour to explore your passions and create your own opportunities. Now, we’ll follow up.

When you start to compare destinations (or goals), spend 10-30 minutes getting in touch with how you feel about this. Take a walk and think it over. As I writer, I get in touch with my true self rush writing. Set a timer for 15 minutes and write without stopping (if you’ve done this before, raise the bar and set it for 30 minutes):
How do I feel about this destination or goal?


Or, if you are not there yet:
What do I want to do next?


If you write about these, pay attention to how you feel (AKA be mindful).
How do you feel when you are writing about one compared to the other? If you feel a block trying to write about one, and the other one flows, this is a good sign that your inner self knows where it wants to go.
When you write about a destination or goal, get in touch with how it will feel to reach that goal. There’s your spark. Here is your passion and purpose! This is where you will find your answer.


This intersection of passion and purpose is where your inner reservoir of desire resides, waiting for you to call on it. I post inspirational quotes for #MotivationMonday and #Wednesdaywisdom each week, and the reality is that we still need to do the work. Once you find something that sets your heart and mind on fire, you are more likely to take a step towards doing something about it. Then, it feels good to work towards your goal, instead of ignoring it. Next, you will want to keep going, and you WILL find the energy to forge ahead and to meet the right people. This is your journey. Just starting? OK. Commit. Stepping away for a while? C’mon back! Are you balancing your dreams and side hustle? Remember why you started and how good it will feel to reach your goal. I use the sailing metaphor often, and it’s natural to adjust your course once you’re out there!
Wherever you are on your journey, believe it’s worth the trip!
You. Are. Worth it.


Thank you for a bright year! #ShineThroughtheNoise came out last September (9/17/16), and I have met so many inspiring people online and in person. I talk about celebrating the small things along our journey, and we will. Read on…
Sure, it helps to attract, meet and connect with like-minded people along the way.


Six Tips for Attracting Your Tribe
As we work towards our dreams, we want to find the right people to inspire us and share the journey.
To be healthy and balanced, we need both a tribe in real life as well as one online.
1. Be mindful and set a clear intention. When you’re ready to find your tribe, put it out there! Set clear intentions. Write it down in a journal, blog about it and bring it up in conversation. Release old, limiting beliefs by writing them on slips of paper, then ripping them up, and throwing them away.
2. Surround yourself with like-minded people in some of your favorite places. Take a Yoga class. Love singing? Go to a concert, choir or audition, and see who crosses your path. Join a meet-up group: something you already enjoy and then something that challenges you. Find a community that feels authentic and gives you that spark. Do things that give you energy and keep your interest.
3. Toss judgment aside. Someone from your tribe might be right next to you in the coffee shop, but if you label her as “other” because you don’t like her hairstyle or her fashion sense or what he ordered, you might walk right by the person who could have been your next bestie. Instead of judging, put on a smile and make eye contact. Look past the surface into the beauty and substance of what they like to do (and what they post). And yes, sometimes we need to step away from our feeds and phones.
4. Continue to meet people and be discerning. Meeting new people is an important step. Judgment and criticism create separation between you and your tribe; you also won’t jive with everyone you meet. This is where discernment comes in. Get clear on the kind of community you hope to attract. Be honest about your own needs and be willing to communicate them. Ask for what you desire and invite others to do the same. Set healthy boundaries but leave your heart open. The most important thing holding a tribe together is a sense of safety with being real and vulnerable.
5. Call in your tribe. Don’t just sit around and wait for your people to find you. Put your desires out there on social media. Blog about your tribe, so people can tell if they long to be part of it. Be specific about what you long for. You’ll be surprised how easy it can be when you’re brave enough to speak your truth. For me posting “shine” photos caught people’s attention. My #shinethroughthenoise tag helped us find each other.
Hey, we all have noise. Let’s tune in and shine!
6. Don’t be shy. Take action. When you meet people who light you up – the ones you hope will become part of your tribe – be brave enough to invite them to be part of your inner circle. Tell them how much you enjoy and admire them. Be authentic and open about your affection and respect. Set a date and time to get together and connect with them. Start a women’s or men’s group, get together to mastermind your businesses, start an email thread, or plan a retreat together. Our #Twittertribe is fun, smart, beautiful, uplifting and engaging.
Be creative in your own way!
I speak/write from experience, and I can tell you what has worked.
Learn more on how Secrets to Shine Through the Noise is put into practice here: http://liveyournow.net/2016/08/14/secrets-to-shine


Get your shine on
It definitely helps to have a touchstone and daily reminder of your goal, and your shine!
We will be giving away 50 #ShinethroughtheNoise custom pieces of jewelry: you get to choose a gold necklace or gold key chain.


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The first 50 followers to claim these will be confirmed. Please allow for 5-7 days shipping time. Thank you and we look forward to seeing your photos, and hearing about your goals!


Wishing you a bright week!


Thank you for reading and we welcome your comments below.


Cheers and fair winds,


Akasha Garnier
Akasha Garnier for The Wishwall
Author, Brand Expert, Filmmaker
Read more from Future Entrepreneurs: http://thewishwall.org/future-entrepreneurs

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    I haven’t read #ShineThroughtheNoise yet, but i want to! it sounds like just the thing i need right now!

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