Fundraising To Fuel The Future

16 Jan Fundraising To Fuel The Future

I wish our youth mission could reach or exceed our $15k fundraising goal to start the new year off. This wish isn’t about me, it’s about changing the lives of youth in my community and helping them maximize their greatness. Let me explain…


Some public schools offer before and after school care for their students, with typical fees of $100-$500 or more a month ($1,000-$5,000 or more for the school year), and that’s per student. Our youth program has obtained sponsorship, and with your donations we can help elevate 50 students. The purpose of this fundraiser is to expand a youth group association that was created in Richmond, Virginia last year for our community. Your donation will assist in turning this into a much bigger program.


“It’s all about raising our youth to be goal-oriented with high expectations!”


The SM YOUTH EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM was founded in 2016 by Lance Cooper (CEO of SM Media, and cousin of ex-NBA player Alonzo Mourning). Our mission is to strengthen the community, and provide under-served, underprivileged, deserving kids with a chance to participate in valuable education opportunities. Many of todays youth never get to experience empowerment classes, it’s our duty to ensure that every child has this opportunity.


Your support will open doors for 50 students (age 10-18), and place them in an environment dedicated to helping them live successful, healthier and happier lives. SM YOUTH EMPOWERMENT helps kids with homework assistance, small group tutoring in reading, math, teen council/leadership development; bully prevention and organized instructional programs for physical activities such as dance, yoga, and martial arts; academic and arts programs such as science, crafts, and theater.


We provide developmental tasks – including understanding self and personal values, life skills, dealing with family stress, human growth and development, and issues related to social and emotional transitions from adolescence to adulthood.


Through our media sponsors, community partnerships and our own financial assistance process, we can offer 50 more students annual enrollment for ONLY $160 per student.


$160 per student will assist with food, bus passes for youth travel, team uniforms, camp access, & classroom supplies. Every dollar raised stays local and has a lasting impact on children in our community.


Our goal is to keep youth on track for triumph in the future by teaching them necessary work habits needed for higher learning and maximum success in the professional world.


We strive for peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential. Our passion is providing a network of support that empowers the youth to be leaders and make a change, for a better world.


Reaching this goal would help create more opportunities for success within our program, maintain supplies, assist other youth programs and contribute to local children’s hospitals through our pay it forward pledge.. Please help now if you can.


All amounts help our wish, and all support appreciated. To make a donation you can click on this link below:

Many thanks!

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