Fullfilling my second chance at life!

03 Mar Fullfilling my second chance at life!

Hello Oprah, I received my second chance at life three years ago! I received a double transplant. The transplant consisted of me graciously receiving a Kidney and Pancreas! I was diagnosed with Diabetes as a child and lived with it for 26 years. Until one day, I was diagnosed with Kidney Disease. Two things I never lost hope in while living with Diabetes was one, my Faith in Lord! There would be days I cried and begged for the Lord to to take away my pain & struggles from this disease. Two, I never gave up on my education! In those 26 years of living with Diabetes I completed my Bachelor’s Degree! While going through the process of living with Kidney Disease, to easy my mind, I worked on my Master’s Degree. Due to struggles after the transplant, completion of my Master’s Degree was placed on hold. Once I improved, two years later, I completed my Master’s Degree!


My wish now is to complete my doctorate degree. The only problem is my finances will not allow it. When things start on the right path and finances are available, I get hospitalized and finances are used on my health. Pursuing this doctorate degree is very important to me because I know this can be one of ways I can give back to my community! One of the other ways I give back is by providing volunteer work to several Organ Sharing Agencies! I tell my story, along with educating and raising awareness to the community on the importance of organ donation! I would not be here if we’re not for it. I have several goals and one is to one create a non-profit Organization to assist Organ Donors and Recipients!


I would also like to create scholarships to Organ Donors and Recipients as well to pursue their education! Thanks for allowing me to share wish! As I always say, “I AM HOPE AND I AM WHAT HOPE LOOKS LIKE!”

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