For the Sake of Love

16 Nov For the Sake of Love

When Esther, the queen of Persia, entered the King’s quarters, Ahasuerus proclaimed, “What is your wish, up to the value of half of the kingdom will be made.”


The idea of granting wishes to a loved one is part of history. We do for those we love. But even greater is the one who does for strangers. These people are true humanitarians; they love unconditionally. They love as it was commanded: “Love Thy neighbor as you love thyself.”


I don’t mean to get so spiritual, but in a world filled with greed, where each person is looking into their own personal needs, their wants, their situations, it is heartwarming to meet someone who finds the time and is committed to using their influence to do good just for the sake of love. To grant wishes because she can make them happen.


Simonetta Lein is a top fashion influencer, but she is much more than that; she is an author, a model, and an actress. Born in Italy but transplanted to America, she loves this country as if she was born here. But even more than that, she is a giver, a lover of people, a true humanitarian.


It seems these days that every pretty girl becomes an influencer on social media. Actors and actresses are influencers because they know how to act on the screen. But Simonetta knows how to act in real life! She knows how to use her reach to spread love, and that, to me, is what a true influencer really is.


I am not “Forbes,” and I may not be qualified to nominate anyone any specific thing in a way that others will quote me. But if you are reading this, I want you to know that I nominate Simonetta Lein the type of role model we need more of, the type of influencer that can inspire the heart and soul of those watching, and thus creating a ripple effect of kindness.


She has style; she is beautiful inside and out but don’t ignore the leadership role she has and what a dream with a good heart can attain.


I wish for the world to see what is possible to accomplish with love and kindness. How beautiful the world would be if we would all be looking to grant wishes to those around us who are less fortunate than us. The world needs healing, but we all can be healers. It is a choice that we can make. Let’s make it for the sake of love!


Simonetta Lein is the founder of the Wishwall Foundation.


Model: Simonetta Lein @simonettalein

About the Author: Miriam Grunhaus


After working for 25 years as a marketer with expertise in Ethics and Compliance, Miriam Grunhaus, a native of Brazil, entered the world of Fashion Design. Miriam’s commitment is to the women she serves. After learning about Kintsugi (the Japanese art of mending pottery) and feeling empowered by its message, Miriam decided that her brand will be a source of hope and support for women.


Mikah’s mission is to empower women to accept themselves with all of their imperfections and limitations. We want women to “wear their scars” with pride; to understand that each of us is a unique work in progress. We want women to know that they are beautiful, not despite their circumstances, but because of them. We want to empower women to own their struggles – and in doing so – to own their strength.


Miriam’s first book, Heal with Gold which is available on Amazon. The book has been endorsed by Dr. Tal Ben Shahar, Ph.D. New York Times Best Seller author, Happier, and founder of the Happiness Studies Academy. Coming soon the Heal with Gold Course.

Book and Course

  • Marina Ramos
    Posted at 18:20h, 17 November Reply

    What a wonderful world it would be with kindness and love
    Miri love this article that you wrote
    You keep giving so much positive stories of women who have gone thru hard times and have come out being okay

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