Find Some Peace

24 Dec Find Some Peace

The frenzy can be felt in the air when it gets this close to Christmas, surrounded constantly by “buy more/do more/get more, be more” it’s virtually impossible not to get caught up in it.
Then there is the fact we now know what everyone else is doing and how fabulous life at least appears to be – thanks social media- twenty years ago you only knew what someone’s Christmas tree looked like if they invited you to their house!


There can be a lot to live up to & it can all get overwhelming and the need to put on the happy everything is ok mask gets stronger.
But it’s ok to take off that mask, it’s ok to say no to Christmas drinks, it’s ok to miss out on a Christmas bargain (It’s only a good deal if you need it) and it’s ok to not feel joyous all the time.


This day next week all the panic will be over, most of the things we thought mattered this week won’t. Let’s look after ourselves & look after each other. ❤🌟❤
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