Fill up Your Joy Tank – #Thejoyproject

17 Jul Fill up Your Joy Tank – #Thejoyproject

Time flies & my 11 week old son is a constant reminder to soak up the moments because they are gone in a flash. Like being filled up with a mix of pride and sadness as I bought the next size up in the new born nappies range and baby Charlie deciding he could sleep in the cot instead of my arms for the first time.


On a down day want to hear that life is to short to waste…but I have a lot less of those days since beginning my mindset experiment in 2015. Lately Ive been thinking a lot about how short life is and what it means to me to live it to the full.


Seems it doesn’t have to be always reaching for the stars, dreaming big,climbing mountains & pushing through fears – though I’m all for lots of that- but about filling life with what matters to you. What lights you up from the inside. Chasing & grabbing with both hands whatever gives you joy,and about the type of person you want to be.


The last few days living life to the full hasn’t included anything on my dream big, reach for the stars list but been the afternoons spent playing scrabble with Jess, drinking coffee & listening to podcasts, catching up with friends, making a pie with Leon minus getting stressed & regretting the decision to co-cook with an 8 year old,the 30 minutes of exercise,laughing with Christian and kissing Charlie’s tiny toes.


Don’t get me wrong I’m really excited about the future, have so much I want to achieve.. top of the list writing & finding a publisher for my book…but only focusing on external goals can mean getting caught up in busy,busy which is not at all joyful.


This morning started off like that, stressed and a bit anxious about all I felt I “needed” to do I’d snapped at the kids when they didn’t deserve it -but made myself stop & slow down because nothing in the future is important enough to miss out on or spoil the NOW.


So my wish this week is that no matter what’s going on in your life you take a moment to think about the things that bring you joy and start filling your life with them.
Why would you do anything else.


If you would like to know more about my on going joy mindset experiment go to

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