FE: Time out of the limelight

28 Jan FE: Time out of the limelight

“I ached once, hard, like a period typed at the end of a sentence.” Gillian Flynn, “Sharp Objects”


As we see more people get down to business this year, I wish to share the importance of pacing yourself. We’ve all been through a lot of certainly with the pandemic, and now we’re starting to see more vaccinations and re-openings. We hope that you’ve been able to pivot as needed. And you don’t need to rush back to business as usual if you want more time to plan next steps.
It may seem untenable, but constantly being in the spotlight can take its toll. Often people need to miss you to realize how much they want you and your talents in your life.
Gather inspo from Shailene Woodley: She took a step back after a string of TV shows and big movies like “Divergent” that kept her constantly in motion. She created her own non-profit organization called “All It Takes”, which focuses on providing social-emotional literacy to young people. She later balanced her schedule with the indie flick “Endings, Beginnings”, then “Adrift” and a pivotal role in “Big Little Lies”.
Think of Taylor Swift: Before she launched her album “Reputation”, she paused her social media for nearly a year. She completely stepped out of the spotlight as she started recognizing the toxic side of fame.
When building a personal brand, you’ll realize that there’s a downside with too much exposure. It’s okay to step out of the limelight every now and then to plan, rejuvenate, then build yourself back up!
I’m following this wisdom as well with a few private branding clients and more time to plan. You may not have seen me on social much since March 2020, but I’m using that time to write and negotiate a streaming thriller series now that the film industry has shifted. (I gathered inspo from convos with Ms. Gillian Flynn: http://thewishwall.org/desideri/future-entrepreneurs-the-face-your-show-the-world !)
More brand trends and plans ICYMI:


Thanks for reading and best wishes for your next project!
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Akasha Garnier for #TheWishwall
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