FE: Retro + Rebels

10 Sep FE: Retro + Rebels

“The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.” ~Walt Disney


This year has been surreal with unprecedented times as we live and learn with the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s no wonder that many miss “unprecedented times”, and fondly think of the past, wishing to recapture the feeling of how things used to be. We can all relate to some fond memories and stories we love to share.
Nostalgic brand marketing has been named a top trend for 2020-2021. By using nostalgic brand marketing, you can invoke these memories and attach positive feelings to your products and services. In the best cases, you can improve the chances of boosting customer trust and brand recall. This is backed by a 2017 Nielsen study that revealed advertising aligned with emotions yields better results.
A solid example comes from Target & Star Wars. Target sparked interest in the return of the “Star Wars” saga (and their new line of Star Wars merchandise) with a sandstorm of nostalgia.
Check out the remarkable ad, “There’s a Rebel in All of Us”, https://vimeo.com/183396442 that showcases people from the first generation who watched the original trilogy as kids and how they’ve grown up since then. They featured an English Literature teacher who uses Star Wars to explain Shakespeare to students.
I come from a “Star Wars” family, so the nostalgia is spot on honoring the “Star Wars” fans who were introduced to it from the first movies’ release. The ad and merch also highlight a new era of the movies, inviting newer fans to join the “Star Wars” phenom.
Using Star Wars is not a novel idea, as many other brands have gone down that path, releasing merchandise and ad materials alike to celebrate the movies. Target certainly played it on point and on brand, so it is certainly worth a mention.


In addition, we will look back to honor the 19th anniversary of September 11th, so we never forget those lessons or those we lost:


ICYMI, here’s the kick-off of our brand trends with a splash of discovery:


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