FE: Pride month on point

10 Jun FE: Pride month on point

There I was in a content design meeting when the update bar spiraled into rainbow colors in Figma our design tool. It got the branding and design team talking. Was the rainbow on purpose? This happened in last week in June, so it could be Figma’s own design tribute to Pride month.
Take time to consider how your brand can honor the LGBTQ community during June—and 11 other months of the year.
How To Avoid Rainbow-Washing In Your Pride Marketing Efforts
Interested in supporting the LGBTQ community around the world? Choose Love is an international store and nonprofit that offers apparel, emergency-preparedness gear and more, and proceeds from their LGBTQ gift go to benefit shelters, legal support and community aid groups for community members in need.
Pride Month 2021: 50 brands giving back to the LGBTQ community


And of course, Gaga stepped out with “Born this Way” vibes with an easter egg and tasty brand tie-in:
Lady Gaga continues Chromatica in new Free Woman video Queendom | EW.com


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