FE: Joie de vivre

30 Dec FE: Joie de vivre

“Let your joy be in your journey–not in some distant goal.” ~Tim Cook

ICYMI, we’ve talking been about living aloha. http://thewishwall.org/desideri/fe-living-aloha
Tidbit from behind the scenes: “Ancient Spell” https://www.amazon.ca/Ancient-Spell-Passionate-Poems-Capture-ebook/dp/B09MFQ334N was written in SoCal Buena Park, starting in 1989 to be precise (it was not written in HI). I met author Sheri Smith on Hawaii’s Big Island and we’ve been supporting each other as authors, writers and fans of gourmet soirées.

Have a look at other ways to help you slay your holidays:

Warm wishes for a wonderful holiday season from our home to yours.
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Akasha Lin
Akasha Garnier for #TheWishwall
Author, Brand Expert, Filmmaker
Image: AkashaLin, Cannes France, before COVID
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