FE: Honoring veterans

12 Nov FE: Honoring veterans

“How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!” ~Maya Angelou

This week I wish to underscore the importance of being nonpartisan as we honor veterans, she-roes, and heroes. Thank you to everyone who has served, defending the United States! I’m encouraged by the reports raising awareness for mental health within the military, during and after service. My Uncle Larry and Grandpa Larry were both active in the U.S. Army during wartime and were quiet about it. I wonder what they saw and felt that they didn’t want to talk about it. I believe they had their own noise to deal with and I didn’t pry by asking questions…and I honor them again today.


Yes, someone in your life needs to hear that they matter. That they are loved. That they have a future. Be the one to tell them…


We’ve all been through a great deal in the last week, so I’ll add a lighter touch to this topic. I remember when I visited London a few years ago as the UK celebrated Remembrance Week with poppies everywhere! Check out the wonderful royal touch they added to the celebration this year:


ICYMI, last week we covered getting respect and results on your path as an entrepreneur:

Thank you, dear readers! Who would you like to honor? We welcome your comments below.


Akasha Lin
Akasha Garnier for #TheWishwall
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