FE: Dive into the real deal

28 Jul FE: Dive into the real deal

“WOW!!!! Were you absolutely freaked out even with the professional waterman? SOUNDS LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE!” ~ David Banks, actor in “THE AFTER PARTY”
[Sharing a pic from that moment above—story below! ~AkashaLin]

Shark Week is in session for its 34th year, thru July 31st! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is hosting this year as he takes viewers along for 25 hours of shark adventures.
This year we will experience never before seen original content of walking sharks, breaches, and key field team research. Shark Week has partnered this year with many amazing marketing partners to give fans more opportunities to celebrate sharks in their own way.

Which must mean that it’s time to celebrate with our readers in my favorite way. Yes, read about this dream come true with our Discovery channel friend/star:

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Akasha Lin
Akasha Garnier for #TheWishwall
Author, Brand Expert, Filmmaker
Photo: AkashaLin, Pacific Ocean near Big Island, Hawaii
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