FE: Delicious serendipity

16 Sep FE: Delicious serendipity

“As women, we understand our bodies, and there’s a blossoming that occurs. We’re hungry for gourmet meals instead of fast food.” ~Sharon Stone


Entrepreneur Spotlight
LA’s real Italian gem in Manhattan Beach, Nando Trattoria


Mmmm, delicious serendipity


For the better part of my life, I’ve been a go-with-the-flow girl. Serendipity. Synchronicity. Meeting friends with sailboats my first summer in the Windy City…these have been reasons for me to be based in Chicago. In this Future Entrepreneur series, we’re laying out plans and best practices for your entrepreneur journey. Recently we’ve covered ways to boost your focus. (ICYMI, http://thewishwall.org/desideri/fe-boost-your-focus.) This week we’ll go light and scrumptious, with a dollop of inspiration for a strong finish!
I do a lot of project planning and strategy in healthcare and creative writing. I was certainly one of those who learned to pivot during the pandemic and take care of business. After surgery and a new residence, some things stay the same. Like…what’s your why? And are you looking ahead with a growth mindset? http://thewishwall.org/desideri/champion-choices-growth-mindset
Overall…Take the Call
When I returned to Chicago from my sejour in Hawaii, I received a call from someone in the French soiree scene who asked if I still work in PR. I was back to my city life after living in a rainforest and a castle in Hawaii. It took me a few minutes to adjust. My honest answer was “sometimes I work in PR”. He asked if I would meet his Italian friends and see what I thought about their restaurant.
Enter Nando Milano…authentic Italian cuisine in Chicago. That delicious chapter went on for 9 years, with 11 menu items named after me and a drink named in my honor. I launched 2 books at Nando, we were on “Chicago’s Best TV”, and won best northside restaurant! We went out on top. I got back to my workouts, writing, and planning my next move for my thriller series.
We all went through the pandemic in 2020, and that’s when my Italian friends started their Nando LA (Manhattan Beach) restaurant [ https://www.nandotrattoria.com ].
The Nando team survived the with a beautiful outdoor patio and we now have the honor of being a finalist for “Best of Manhattan Beach”! So, overall authenticity shines through and many of these entrepreneur ideas are working!!
We’d be grateful for your vote (through Sept. 21, 2021)!

Can I throw a Nando catered party for our readers? We shall see… 😊
Best wishes for your brand and business.

(More “Take the Call by request: http://thewishwall.org/desideri/future-entrepreneurs-take-the-call.)
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