FE: Compliments + confetti

14 Apr FE: Compliments + confetti

Throw kindness around like confetti!
A few new ways to make people feel appreciated

People like to feel appreciated by others. Sadly, the positive effect of being appreciated seems to be like a drug that loses its potency over time. In order for appreciation to make people feel as great over time, leaders must keep coming up with new ways to deliver it.

To keep that idea new, here is more evidence. Microsoft—whose users have sent over 9 million Praise badges since May 2021—did a study that found employees with “strong colleague relationships” reported higher productivity and are more committed to their employers. Some 61% said they weren’t likely to switch jobs in the year ahead (far more than the 39% of their less-connected peers), according to the Wall Street Journal.

> Make complimenting co-workers into a game!
People appreciate compliments from their co-workers. One way to encourage more such compliments is to count the number of compliments each workers gives out to their colleagues and reward those with the highest compliment counts.
One company that uses this approach is Northborough, MA-based Esler Companies which installs windows and doors. Jacob Coite, one of Esler’s schedulers, has given out a whopping 2,745 compliments such as — ‘Your empathy is like Kool-Aid, the way it adds flavor to a boring call’ — in the last year, according to the Journal.
Esler shows its appreciation for Coite’s compliment count. The company gave him a trophy with that number emblazoned next to his name for being the firm’s “top cheerleader.” He displays the trophy on his desk which keeps him motivated, according to the Journal. In the meantime, he is ahead of the company’s number two by 1,845 compliments.
In theory, this approach to gamifying appreciation could be an effective way to motivate people. I am curious whether the recipients of all the compliments at Esler feel appreciated or whether turning them into a game currency somehow cheapens their emotional benefit for Esler employees.

> Leave a review on TripAdvisor.
I have been working and traveling around the westside of Los Angeles. I love to find the newer restaurants, follow a local reco, or support entrepreneurs hustling in the big city.
Every time we would do an activity, and mention that we had a great ime, or comment on an exceptional dish, they asked us to leave a review on TripAdvisor. Getting positive reviews can be the difference between life and death for a small business-especially one that caters to tourists. So, if you had a good time on a vacation, or you love your local independent restaurant, log on and leave a positive review. You’ll make someone’s day—and help others have a great time!

> Let a manager know when you get great customer service.
Most of the time, when a customer asks to speak with a manager, it’s to complain. Switch it up, and when your grocery store cashier is efficient or you watch her handle a nightmare customer gracefully, tell her boss. This will actually make two peoples’ days–the employee and the boss.

We wish you the best on your entrepreneur path!
Thank you for reading and welcome your comments below.

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Akasha Garnier for #TheWishwall
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