FE: Comforts of the Season

12 Dec FE: Comforts of the Season

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!” ~Jillian Michaels


We each have our own boundaries and comfort zones. Most of us don’t often push the boundaries, as we feel safe and secure in what we already know. This week we’ll share some of the genuine ups and downs on the path to becoming an entrepreneur. We’ll also continue adding to our playbook to help us decompress from holiday stress…and be ready to shine through the noise in any situation!


Over the last 2.5 years we’ve explored the journey and definition of self-care with our Future Entrepreneur readers. I wish to share one of our readers’ favorites. ICYMI: http://thewishwall.org/desideri/pause-our-pursuit-of-happiness .
Self-care means many things, from spa days to retreats to fasting or clean eating, and that can leave many of us feeling like it’s beyond our reach. When we get back to basics, however, we can all make time for self-care with a few actionable and achievable goals to get us on the right track.
The essentials of self-care include washing, dressing, and feeding ourselves, and getting enough rest (and not just running on caffeine!). These tasks may be challenging to complete at just a functional level, for financial, psychological, or physical reasons.


Self-care means choosing behaviors that balance the effects of emotional and physical stressors: exercising, eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, practicing yoga or meditation or relaxation techniques, abstaining from substance abuse, pursuing creative outlets, engaging in psychotherapy.
Even if you’re able to keep on top of these daily practices, it can be difficult to find the time, energy, or space to really care for yourself in these areas. These are crucial things to pay attention to, though, and will help you feel strong and centered at your very core.
Also essential to self-care is learning to self-soothe or calm our physical and emotional distress. As I was editing this blog more details surfaced about victims from the latest shooting in Jersey City, New Jersey.
We honor the three civilians who died when two attackers burst into a kosher grocery store: 31-year-old Mindel Ferencz, 49-year-old Douglas Miguel Rodriguez, and 24-year-old Moshe Deutsch.


And that’s not the only shooting recently. As we deal with the downside of the news and our journey, be aware of these more serious ways to help yourself out of depression.
Remember your mother/caregiver teaching you to blow on the scrape on your knee? This was an early lesson in soothing, but the majority of adults haven’t the foggiest notion how to constructively soothe themselves. Sure, there’s a mindfulness element: What makes you feel better? Do you feel better after eating the pint of ice cream? Or is one scoop enough?
And gratitude: Be happy with what you have now. Somethings have worked out for you! Remember what that feels like and let the smile back in.
I have looked into these in a few cites. Consider a Maybe a visit to a cat café or animal shelter:


Urban oasis
I actually pitched this urban oasis to a branding client this week for an experiential event, and they loved it! “Hygge” is the inspiration here and comes from Danish word “to think”. Chicago has an on-trend way to warm up to winter. These tents are private event spaces rented in two-hour increments for up to 10 people, so gather your date and/or besties! https://www.hotelzachary.com


Acknowledge the energy of stress
Growing a business is hard, and I think we can agree that most entrepreneurs experience stress. In this interview, Bioenergetics Therapist Shweta Shyamani discussed the energy of stress, and shared some simple techniques you can use to feel less stressed immediately. She talked about how stress can show up as physical symptoms in the body, and why self-care is so important.
Working with corporate and entrepreneur clients, Shweta wants professionals to know that well-being is much more in their own power than they think. Listen in and learn… https://youtu.be/sleKL3rKJt4
Unwind with a Bath
When we’re rushing around with what feels like a million things to do, plus places to be, washing can become a purely practical part of life. We shower or bathe simply to get clean, and sometimes don’t even have enough time to do that every day (enter dry shampoo). Make time to really luxuriate in a long, hot bath, though, and you’ll find it’s such an easy way to relax — and much cheaper and more straightforward than a full spa day.
Catch up on our wisdom with gratitude and ways to unwind. (Hint: the sunny sail photo is a break I’m planning. It ties into to a key to happiness!) http://thewishwall.org/desideri/fe-gratitude-giving
Thanks for reading and we welcome your comments below.


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