FE: Celebrate every woman’s step

18 Mar FE: Celebrate every woman’s step

“The very footing of each AVRE shoe is to recognize and celebrate every woman’s step towards an authentic, versatile, responsible, and empowered life.” ~Julie Kuo, co-founder of Avre


Avre launched in November 2019 — just three months before the pandemic ground the U.S. to a near-halt. But with manufacturing based in China, which was already hard-hit by the outbreak at the time, the startup was forced to rethink its next steps.
A 39-year family history in the footwear industry allowed them to witness first-hand the negative influence fashion has on our environment. Compelled to think outside the box, they developed an innovative manufacturing and design process to produce AVRE footwear from recycled materials.
They vowed to motivate other women to feel empowered to pursue their goals as they were inspired to create a brand in a male-dominated industry.


What are your ambitions for the company?
Our brand is based on inclusivity and beyond race, color, creed, or size that also includes gender. With family being such an integral part of what identifies us, we want to expand into a men’s and children’s line.
On being an Asian-American female entrepreneur amid the recent anti-Asian attacks: “The racism, the hate — it’s not just this year. We’ve had it; it’s just that it was never spoken about. In general, Asians, by culture, are a little more quiet and timid, and that’s why it was never acknowledged. Being a female Asian entrepreneur, it was really difficult for me and my sister. Our family has been in footwear for 40 years now. When we wanted to start this, people didn’t think we had the credibility because of who we were. These are common things women have to face because it’s a male-dominated industry, but we had parents who gave us a really good foundation, and we had that support. But this racism against Asians is something that we face, and it’s only coming to light this year, but it’s not something new.”


What advice would you give to someone wanting to start their own business?
Know your purpose. Business is about going through cycles, where you have to be flexible and be open to keep pivoting.
(We’re on board with that. Ways to refine your purpose and focus ICYMI: http://thewishwall.org/desideri/champion-choices-in-game-focus )


Do you have a mentor, or are you one?
Yes, we have several. It’s important to align yourself with people who have the same mindset and who continue to motivate you.
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Akasha Lin
Akasha Garnier for #TheWishwall
Author, Brand Expert, Filmmaker
Content inspired by Avre website.
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