FE: Align + define

07 Oct FE: Align + define

“A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship.” ~John D. Rockefeller
This week we’ll spotlight lessons learned on the path as an entrepreneur. Many thanks to our readers and friends who took the time to vote for our Italian friends Nando Trattoria, finalists in the Best of Manhattan Beach! (We should know the winner around Halloween.) On that journey I have come to appreciate the value of the brand authenticity—from authentic recipes to sharing our candid journey and growth (“best of” in 2 major food cities, so several things resonate with guests)!
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Make time to align and define at the beginning of your path as an entrepreneur:
Choose the right business partner and clarify your roles. One of the most significant lessons learned is to make sure all business partners are self-aware, transparent, and aligned in terms of:
What they want out of the business.
What they’ll put into the business.
Why they want the business.
Clarity among partners is always critical, especially when you’re running other businesses at the same time. I didn’t establish enough clarity on roles, responsibilities, or answers to more significant questions such as, “What’s your WHY for this business?” My partnership was a challenge from the outset, and the business absorbed that challenge daily. ~Kate H., a serial entrepreneur with companies including De Luca Fine Wines and Flaunt.

Best wishes for your brand and business.
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