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04 Jan Famous Author

My desire… is to have the ability to live comfortably off of my earnings as a successful Author. I have so many stories that I want to share with the world and I know that they would love to read them, hear them, own them. I just want to have the time that I need in order to give my all to these projects.  I want to be on the NY TIMES BEST SELLING list. I want to be the next big thing. I wrote my book “The Naked Truth” in 2012 and I was motivated to finish it before my mother died last year and I did. I was able to put it in her hands days before she left my world. I have another book in which I am in the process of finishing up but I want it all to fall perfectly.  So many people have manipulated me to the point to where I just want someone who will genuinely take me under their wing and show me the groundwork of becoming a successful Author. I have so much to offer but it’s never that that gets me stuck it’s not knowing the right people that I know would help get me to where I need and want to be. My mother left behind nine of us in which I am the oldest (24) so I want to set an example for all of my younger siblings. I want to put my granny in the house that she deserves and I want a home of my own again. I have lost everything and I know that things are going to turn around for me I just don’t know when. I just want to be happy doing what I love most. Writing keeps me sane. It delivers me the way the word of the bible delivers Christians. I am very beautiful poetry writer and I have a lot of fans but I can only do so much by myself. Someone please help me. I know that I was created to be an Author,  THE Author. I thank you in advance.

  • Simonetta Lein
    Posted at 03:23h, 05 January Reply

    Dear Brittiny, I am a published author by one of the biggest publishing houses in Italy and I am writing now my second novel. Being a writer it’s a tough job, you have to have a great story to tell and you need to know how to write. If you are that skilled, talented, courageous to keep on learning, you need a good editor to read and fix your story. Boo one big publishing house invest on young authors, your book has to be already perfect before you present it to them. So if you are serious I suggest you to hire a good editor so that your book is with no mistakes, perfectly presented and with a perfect form. Then you need an agent or you can start to sent it by ourselves, if it is so good they will get back to you. All this is possible and these are steps that I did by myself. The business it’s very strict but I am sure that you can find a great way, you just need to really want to do it. What happened with your first book it is a case history to bring for the second one. My agent is American and lives in Iyaly so I don’t know if she has a market in the US as well but I suppose so but she is super selective. If you like you can send me a couple of chapters at info@wishwallfoundation.com and if I see that she might like them I will introduce you. This is my Wishmaker help 😉 but believe me you can absolutely do it, just follow though the steps that I told you and be very patient, it takes years and years, for everybody. A big hug

    • Brittiny Morehead
      Posted at 05:09h, 06 January Reply

      I thank you so much for everything you have taken the time out to say to me and I will definitely send you what I have for not just this book but the other two I have written up as well. I’m so excited and I would gratefully appreciate if your agent would contact me as well. This would be a stepping stone for me. Congratulations on your success with getting with one of the major publishers out there. I know I have my work cut out for me but I am ready negate writing is all that I have.

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